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When you say "YES" to working with us, you're saying "yes" to an experience. 
First, we will chat on the phone to set up an in-person consultation. A coffee date, or a visit to your home. Whatever you are comfortable with! 

At the consultation, I will find out about what you are looking for. Hear your dreams, visions, and desires for our session. We will go over pricing, and what you will expect! We will schedule your session, go over wardrobe, and location.

Then, at the session we will spend roughly an hour + 45 minutes to two hours having fun, shooting, and spending time playing, dancing, and making memories. Taking breaks as needed, and going at the pace of your little ones.

Last, We will meet roughly one week later for you to view your images for the first time. We will have light appetizers, have a low-key evening creating art for your home. You will choose which collection or a la carte choices that you desire!
Once the images have been shipped to me, I will deliver them to you personally.

We have fun, we are relaxed, and we are making memories and capturing moments that you will want to look back on in 20 years.

It is my promise to you that you will have my full attention, and we will make the moments last forever!