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I understand that some mothers want the perfectly posed, smoothed out skin, and swaddled to perfection sessions…

I do. I really do.
I understand that these have been around for years and years, and it’s the “thing to do”….
I want you to think about this:

Your son walks into his kindergarten classroom, doesn’t want to bother with saying “bye”. He’s independent enough to walk himself to his seat, not worrying about the tears falling down your face.
You go home, and you look for photos. You don’t look for the stiff, posed photos. You go straight for the ones where he is looking at you like you’re the only one who matters. His little hands around your neck.

You, embracing him when he could fit into one hand. He came home, all 6lbs, 2oz of him. Your pride and joy. The photos of you holding his hand as you play the game that the two of you always have.

What about when your daughter goes off to college, and doesn’t have a care in the world. She is ready to spread her wings, and fly. That part of you is still holding on, and sobbing on the inside. Empty nest syndrome is settling in, and the only photos that bring you back to the days of joy are the ones of you skipping rocks, playing dress up, or the lifestyle moments from that first week at home with a new baby.

THIS. This is why I decided to offer such special moments. I don’t give you the moments, I only am pausing them in a way that you can’t do yourself. These sessions are what will take you back to your best moments, and this is why I offer them to YOU.