Generational and extended family

    One thing I know for sure, is that extended family and generational photos are so important. 
I know that they can be stressful, and sometimes getting everyone standing together at once is a pain. This is why I'm NOT here to make you stiffly stand, but I am here to get you to interact, and love on each other. This isn't about you, but it's about grandma, and great grandma who need these moments captured. They need these non-stressful images hanging on their wall, and they cherish the small moments with their grands wrapped around their neck, or sitting beside them telling secrets. It's about the moments. Really, it is.


The touch

The small touches. The wrinkled hands on top of the freshly "Adult" hands. The toddler fingers holding grandmas face, or the hugs from the daughter or son who is watching their Mother or grandmother slowly age, and pass on the torch of "grand parenthood". The rare days of having two or three generations of great grands, or the grand father who hates smiling, but can't help but smile in the small moments being captured.


The kids are young

You have great grand babies that won't remember the moments captured today, but you'll have great grand babies who will look back, and cherish the photos taken. I don't take generational and extended families lightly. They're important, and so, so special.


don't worry

I'll be here to help you with your clothes, colors, and where we'll go. While your living room is the special place, it doesn't always work with 10-20 people. I know that it SOUNDS great to have everyone in a bright red top, and jeans, but... trust me when I guide you on what works, and what doesn't. We will sit down, discuss the plans, your clothes, location, and who is who. We'll get the shots that are important to you, and once we are finished, I will get together individually or together with each family, and they will choose which images they will choose.