Your birth story is one that you will tell for years, and years to come. You'll chat to expectant Moms, and Grand mothers who are worried. You'll tell your birth story to strangers, and friends of old. I know I have, anyways. My birth story is one that I will tell for years and years. Why? A new life is born. A leader. A human that YOU created was given life, and you want to document the waking moment, without your husband or family missing the moments themselves. 

We've all been to a party or an event with our cameras or phones, and well... You miss it, right? Your face is buried in the view finder, and you're documenting for everyone else... But, come on, Dad... You want to be there to witness the emotions, and feel the touches for the first time. The beauty in a birth story? You'll have it printed, in your home, in an album, or on your walls. You'll have them safely in a box, and they'll be in prime condition once that new baby is a Daddy or Mommy of their own. Heirloom means a great deal when you're passing timeless moments on like these.
My biggest regret? I didn't document a thing.